Who we are.

Mayhart is a social video agency founded and run by Ali May, with a team of talented filmmakers and social media experts. We advise on creative ideas & concepts, make video content and train your team. 

From the British Prime Minister to international personalities, Hollywood stars to business leaders, Ali May has a knack for conducting engaging interviews and bringing stories to life. He has mastered the art of engaging an audience, whether it is on TV screens or on stage. 

What we do.

From idea to implementation, we will help you develop cutting-edge campaigns and execute them. We are a trusted partner of brands & agencies and our work has three prongs:

  1. Consultancy. We help formulate social video strategy. We offer creative ideas for campaigns. We help crystallise ideas and improve ongoing projects. 
  2. Training. We run tailor-made programmes that prepare your team to be confident and comfortable in front of any camera, whether it is the CNN or a Facebook Live video. We also do ideation workshops that are specific to your content. If you will be interviewed on TV, orpitching for investment, if you are preparing for Facebook Live videos to connect to your customers or need a new way of internal communication, we will train you to shine.
  3. Production. We make great video content for all platforms, from TV to Facebook. This includes film, animation and infographics. 

What we talk about when we talk about social video.

When we call ourselves a social video agency this is what we have in mind: 

  1. Every brand has become a social media business. The relationship between brands and their consumers has changed dramatically as a result.
  2. Videos on social media are viewed far more than other types of content. Live videos receive greater viewerships and gain as much as 10-times larger engagement. 
  3. Smartphone technology allows anyone to broadcast to the world. This provides immense potential for smart, agile brands who can empower their teams by high-quality training and upskilling them. 
  4. It’s not rocket science. When your team becomes social-video-savvy, they will be able to produce great content themselves, or provide the right type of guidance to your agencies.
  5. We are passionate about social positive change. Use social video for social positive change, and boom! 

Are you using social video to its fullest potential?

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